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New Kolkata Biryani House

New Kolkata Biryani House

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Mutton Biryani
mutton biryani
Rs. 120 Cart
Mutton Biryani with Egg
mutton biryani with egg
Rs. 130 Cart
Mutton Biryani Half
mutton biryani half
Rs. 70 Cart
Chicken Biryani Full
Chicken biryani full
Rs. 90 Cart
Chicken Biryani With Egg
Chicken biryani with egg
Rs. 100 Cart
Chicken Biryani Half
chicken biryani half
Rs. 50 Cart
Aaloo Biryani
aaloo biryani
Rs. 60 Cart
Egg Biryani
egg biryani
Rs. 70 Cart
Mutton Chaap
mutton chap
Rs. 80 Cart
Chicken Chaap
chicken chap
Rs. 60 Cart